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Wine cellar management for the Mac
For all wine enthusiasts

The mac wine cellar software Wine XT for Apple Macintosh MacOS X is an essential tool to manage the contents of your wine cellar with your mac. This wine database offers a clear presentation and a flexibility in use on your Mac. Pleasant and easy to use, Wine XT makes it possible to enter information in a fast way by easy functions like other Mac Os X software. You can manage your wine inventory and your own wine tasting notes. You can note sight, smell, taste and the quality of a wine in your wine collection. Manage the wine cellar racks, reviews and used wine with this
wine collector accessory. Using the MacOS X system address book for winery and supplier addresses.This wine management application makes wine collecting easy for wine enthusiasts with an Apple Macintosh.

Download Wine XT and try the fully-featured demo here.
This is without any physical shipping. You get only the serial number. You can buy it for 14.99 USD shareit

Easy to use wine editor. Sections for general quality, sight, smell, taste, stock, vineyard, used wine, misc and magazine reviews.
Predefined values for your tasting notes. Menus for clarity, viscosity, bouquet, sweetness, tannin, acidity, body, length, balance and much more. For your wine tasting notes.
Dynamic menus for regions. areas and classifications.
Adjustable point system.
Manage multiple purchases from different wine suppliers and different racks and wine cellar locations in your house. Support for vinote neck tags and upc barcode scanner.

Predefined wine types, countries, regions, areas, classifications and more

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